Citizenship Quickly

Citizenship Quickly Management Consultancy is a licensed government approved Dubai Company.


Citizenship Quickly Management Consultancy is a licensed government approved Dubai Company.

We have a staff of people including six Lawyers that handle different countries on citizenship, residency and passports matters.

Whenever you are investing in property to get citizenship you should be seeking out the best qualified company to do this for you. This company should have an extensive background in investments. Tom Norfleet – CEO of Citizenship Quickly Management Consultancy has over 34 years of combined experience in Investing and Real Estate in the USA, Caribbean and Dubai. Past certifications which can be viewed on LinkedIn are Series 6, 63 and 26 that are USA requirements dealing with investments and the M9A, M9 and M8 Collective Investment Schemes which are certifications obtained in Singapore.

Our company offers a FREE CONSULTATION to see what your needs are.

We are one of the most knowledgeable companies in the world in this field having done many citizenship applications for people from many different countries.

Our main focus are quick Economic Citizenships because they can be obtained in as quick as two months with no residency requirements depending on the country.

No one gives better service or has lower fees than Citizenship Quickly Management Consultancy.

We pride ourselves on getting back to our clients in a speedy fashion.


  1. A passport is a total waste of money unless citizenship is included and the reason this is the case is there is no protection awarded from the country your passport is from if citizenship is not included and many countries bar you out from working in certain lucrative opportunities in that country unless you are a citizen. Panama is a classic example. Stay away from Panama. Many people have fulfilled residency requirements, applied for citizenship there and never heard back from the government.
  2. Seek out a country’s passport and citizenship where the country does not have any individual income tax inside or outside it’s border, no capital gains tax and no inheritance or estate taxes.
  3. Seek out a country that has no residency requirements to get the passport and citizenship because you could be very disappointed after all the years of residency and expenses you put in and still not get the passport. This happens a lot.
  4. Pick a passport and citizenship where that country allows dual citizenship.
  5. Seek out a passport and citizenship that allows you to travel to a lot of countries visa free or obtaining a visa on arrival.
  6. Pick a passport and citizenship where that country’s quality of life, weather and education are the best in the world whether you plan to live there or not because one day you might. Two of the countries that we deal in with Economic Citizenship [St. Kitts and Antigua] are only a four hour direct flight to New York City so your children and grand children can go to some of the best colleges and high school boarding schools in the world nearby such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Brown University. Two of the best high school boarding schools in the USA are very close to New York City such as Philip Andover and Phillips Exeter.
  7. Long life is important. Pick a passport and citizenship where that country has no water or air pollution, where there is a great number of people over 100 years old.
  8. Seek out a passport and citizenship where you and your children are not required to join the military of that country because of your citizenship to that country.
  9. Look for a passport that does not require you to pass a language test in order to get the passport and citizenship.


As of the present we have never had a citizenship application turned down. The reason for this success is we do pre-screening before your apps are turned in. No matter what country your citizenship is from currently we have a country that will allow you citizenship. If you have a background problem, depending on what the problem is, we have in most cases solutions for that problem.

If you want to go into the USA and set up a business, there is a citizenship loophole that is the quickest way to get into the USA to get that accomplished. We will show you how to do this. Trying to get a Green Card or going through the EB5 will take you forever to get into the USA and the EB5 is very expensive. The quickest way to get into the USA to set up a business is to get citizenship in Grenada which has an E2 status treaty with the USA and then you can set up a business in the USA.