The internet is drastically changing the world where now you can work from your computer with a push of a button or making calls on the internet from any tax friendly country to run a consulting business, trading business, internet business, import- export business , and many other hundreds of businesses and make millions doing it and paying no taxes if you know how to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

The problem is most people don’t know how to do it or are not confident to implement it into action.

I am Tom Norfleet, CEO of Citizenship Quickly-AAA Real Estate. I have a 35 + year track record of knowledge of where to go where your will be taxed the least and have a great place to live and work. We show you the fastest ways to get a second passport and second residency.

I have been in the consulting business of redirecting people how to save on taxes for almost 40 years now. No company has the experience and knowledge that we have to help you do this internationally.

I have been traveling the world for 40 years and can tell you the best countries to live as far as cost, taxes, weather, health care, crime and freedom.



I have traveled all over the world starting as far back as 1976 and have seen a lot of changes in that period of time.

I grew up in the USA but relinquished my U.S. citizenship many years ago before the U.S. Consulate Offices starting charging to administer the paperwork to relinquish.

We will educate you on the best rated banks in the world and you would be surprised because most will not be in the country you are probably living.

We will also let you know the best online brokers as far as cost and service to buy stocks and other types of investments and how to negotiate special rates with them.

We take the searching out of the picture so you can spend your time making money.

Moving to a tax haven or if you are a U.S. Citizen, relinquishing your citizenship, will not automatically stop your withholding tax on dividends when buying equities. What country you choose to invest for your equities will change the withholding tax.

We will also show you how some high tax countries will even eliminate the withholding tax on the dividend if the dividend is automatically reinvested to buy more shares instead of receiving the cash directly and having the tax taken out automatically.

Not all banks and brokers offer reinvestment of dividends when buying foreign equities. We will show you ones that do.

Everyone thinks that Switzerland and Malta are tax havens or offer big tax advantages but these two countries have the highest withholding tax rates on dividends from foreigners buying their equities of any other country in the world at 35%.  Chile is the only other country that has a rate this high.

There are currently 21 countries in the world that have a zero per cent withholding tax rate on their equities which means these countries do not tax anyone on dividends paid out from companies in these countries but because of where you live or the citizenship you might have you still will more than likely have to pay taxes on these dividends because of the tax laws of where you live or because you have a citizenship that taxes its citizens on their worldwide income no matter where they reside.

The USA and the African Country of Eritrea are the only countries in the world that taxes its citizens on their worldwide income no matter where they reside but the USA is the only one that enforces it.

A dividend, give or take, makes up about 40% of the profits that you make from an equity. The other part is the capital gain.

My whole theory is why would someone buy an equity in a country when you know 100% that you are going to lose 35% off the dividend in a tax in the equity GUARANTEED! That is over a third in the profits that you know you are going to lose on the dividend. That can add up to a ton of money lost over your lifetime.

We are not in the business of recommending equities or any type of security but will recommend properties on the Property Option to get citizenship in all of the Citizenship By Investment programs all over the world IF YOU ARE A CLIENT OF OUR COMPANY.

What exactly does Citizenship Quickly do? We deal with second passports, second residencies, offshore corporations and will instruct you where are the best banks in the world that will take you as a client and we will give you the strategy to put these all together in a fashion that will get your tax dollars to zero or close to zero no matter how high your income is.

A lot of the Jews lost their lives during the Holocaust because they did not have a second passport already in place when Germany was falling apart in the 1930’s.

Jamal Khashoggi was murdered when he went into the Saudi Embassy in 2018 to get some required marital papers. He already had some discomfort going into the Saudi Embassy but he had no choice because he did not have a second citizenship whose embassy, he could have gone to get those marital papers that would have saved his life.

My goal is to be your coach to get your taxes legally as low as you want to go and to show you in detail how to get this done and also to show you how to asset protect your assets away from greedy lawyers.

Asset protection needs to be done before you have an existing problem otherwise this is called fraudulent conveyance.

I will show you how to increase your freedom by getting away from so much filing and government bureaucracy which will give you more time to make money and to spend more time with your family.

When you eliminate 100% of your tax burden you can save 80-90 % of your money and by putting this into sound investments you will be able to retire a lot quicker if you desire.

There are foreign banks that offer currencies that pay in that currency 10% and higher. There is also a currency risk involved in going into another currency which can also give you an extra boost or it can go back the other way also.

One thing that is nice about going into international banks is you can diversify into different currencies more easily.

There are 7 billion people in the world to market your product to and now you have YouTube and other social media to get out your message.

There are loads of countries that will roll out the red carpet for you to set up your business with no taxes where there is great year-round weather.

My favorite place is the Caribbean in the Leeward Island Chain of countries but yours might be someplace else like Panama, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Bahamas or even Belize. All of these countries and many more have great tax laws.

Did you know that the USA has some of the highest labor costs and health care costs of any country in the world? Citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis have free health care in the hospitals starting at 62 years old and you don’t have to pay into the system to qualify and the funny thing is St. Kitts has no income taxes.

This just shows how much is wasted from countries that require 40-60% in tax dollars to just pay for your healthcare. Dental care is free for citizens in St. Kitts starting at 60 years old and if you are under this age, you pay about 29 USD for a dental exam and to have your teeth cleaned.

I outsource a lot of my work to places like Pakistan where they speak fluent English and the minimum wage is 150 USD per month. This leaves a lot more money to run your business or to invest in other places.