Example: Let’s say you currently live in a high tax country and you are clearing after all expenses before taxes 300,000 USD a year. Let’s say you pay out 45% in taxes on your personal and corporate income when you add up Federal, State, Municipal, Social Security and Medicare Tax.

This would mean you would clear 165,000 USD [300,000 USD – 45%].

Let’s say you have another 10 million in assets in real estate and equities that pay out a 6% yield from the dividends and capital gains from the equities including the yield from renting the properties.

Tax rates will be different depending on what country you are in and who the President is at that time but let’s use a conservative rate of 30% as the tax rate on this investment income including all tax sources since this is investment income and not earned income because investment income is usually taxed less than earned income but not always. It would depend on the country you live in.

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Ten million times 6% = 600,000 USD a year investment income and if you have to pay a tax on this at 30% = 180,000 USD in taxes you have forever lost.

As you can see the 180,000 USD in taxes on the investment income was more than what was cleared on the earned income of 165,000 USD.

Now let me show how you could be sailing in the Caribbean with your children and grand children while you and they are young and clear more money BY NOT WORKING THAN BY WORKING.

You will also be a lot smarter with your time instead of knocking your brains out working 60 hours a week and clearing less money and being a tax slave to your government.

If you just move out of your high tax country that you are living in and become a non-resident for tax purposes from your previous high tax country and sell all of the assets you have in the high tax country [U.S. Citizens would have to relinquish their citizenship to make this perfect] then reinvest the funds offshore.

Now getting the same 6% yield on your ten million you would pay no tax on the 600,000 USD made each year keeping the 180,000 USD you were losing in taxes before and still clearing more money [180,000 is more than 165,000] not working than working and spending time with your children.

If you choose to work offshore then that would be fine too and you would make even more because the 300,000 USD earned income would be totally tax free if it was generated offshore.

So, the key question using this example would be would you rather clear tax free 600,000 USD investment income plus 300,000 earned income to equal 900,000 USD a year living and generating your income offshore or 420,000 investment income [600,000- 180,000 = 420,000 plus [300,000 – 45% = 165,000 for a total of 585,000?

As you can see from the example given, working offshore can generate a lot more money than making it onshore. 900,000 – 585,000 = 315,000 USD more you have to invest each year and if those funds were invested at an 8% rate of return in 20 years you would have 15,566,599 USD more money and at 30 years you would have 39,390,881 USD more money.

The big question is are you wasting a lot of time and energy working onshore instead of having your business offshore.

The above example does not even show you how much more outsourcing would save you.


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